About Us

The Campaign for Truth & Civil Rights is a non-profit, volunteer collective who stand for TRUTH, DEMOCRACY, TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY, in defence of human and civil rights.

We see it as the entitlement of everyone to have truth, proper healthcare and recognition of our fundamental human and democratic rights.

The campaign is free of ideology or any narrow-vested interests; it is peaceful and respectful of those who might disagree with us.

Our appeal is to everyone – whether vaccinated or not. We ask for respect for our choices, and we respect the choice of others equally.

We support the right to informed consent and the right to personal privacy.

We reject the use of digital certificates, for health, travel or if enforced to control any other social interaction.


Find us on Facebook as the Independent Campaign for TRUTH and Proper Healthcare, and An Fhirinne on Telegram.

Read this article about the history of our movement:

Taking a stand, one person at a time