UPDATE 15 March 2022, Fundraising is currently closed

Here is a report on the total funds raised by the campaign and a breakdown on how it was used.

Please support the Campaign for TRUTH & Proper Healthcare, as we fight back against crippling Covid-19 policies and increasing social inequity. Over two years, government decisions affecting everyone in Ireland, taken in our name, have divided friends and families, isolated the weakest, hurt the most vulnerable – children and the elderly – and threatened the social and cultural fabric of our society.

Please donate online HERE or directly to our bank account:

Name: Campaign for TRUTH & Proper Healthcare
IBAN: IE16 AIBK 936383 90309065
Account No: 90309-065  Sort Code: 93-63-83

As we face the fallout from policies that have changed in fundamental ways – and with no meaningful debate – how Irish society is organised, our campaign now demands:

  • The immediate withdrawal of the poorly evidenced mask mandate – mask-wearing must be elective.
  • The immediate withdrawal of the discriminatory and unworkable Covid Cert – and the protection of civil liberties for all including health data privacy, and the right to travel, work and gather/associate.
  • Meaningful freedom of medical choice and the removal of all vaccine coercion.
  • Fit-for-purpose public healthcare policy that properly balances to the needs of all patients.
  • Increased government transparency on Covid-19 policies advised by NPHET, including a detailed analysis of hospitalisations with or from Covid-19, and deaths with or from Covid-19.
  • A long-overdue debate regarding overall healthcare policy in the context of Covid-19, including the impacts, never assessed, of mask-wearing in children for up to eight hours per day.

We at the Campaign for TRUTH & Proper Healthcare believe that a Covid-19 vaccine mandate, as proposed by NPHET, would violate the Irish Constitution, which protects bodily integrity and autonomy and the right to choose. The Irish Constitution also provides for strong protection for the rights of parents and guardians and children under Articles 41 and 42.

WE NEED YOU to help us fight against VACCINE MANDATES, MASKS MANDATES, VACCINE PASSPORTS, and to defend your right to fair and proportionate Covid-19 policies that allow the continuation of access to proper healthcare for everyone.

Your donation will finance the following:

  • Banners & signage
  • Advertising
  • PA systems and loudspeakers
  • Campaign expenses such as print & design, and travel

A donation to the Campaign for TRUTH & Proper Healthcare is a donation to defend fundamental human and civil rights.


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