We defend the principles of liberty, equality, and fraternity – Limerick, Saturday 12 February



The Campaign for Truth and Proper Healthcare protested in Limerick on Saturday 12 February.

Kevin Quinn, cancer survivor, said: “We need to make lockdown never happen again. I was going through the lowest point of my life, having chemotherapy for cancer, and the guards stopped me from talking to my neighbours.

“I’ve been sending letters to the media every week. I’ve been leaving messages with the Broadcast Association and RTE, I will not stop until they are made accountable for what they’ve said about good Irish people. You will be accountable for calling a cancer patient a hard-core crank, saying that I should be pushed out of society, basically live in the woods because I took the advice of my bio-medical doctor not to take the covid vaccine.

“The government and media have abused cancer patients for the past 2 years. We are now the fifth highest country for cancer in the world, and what are you doing gov about it?

“We are all one people. We are not separated like the government are trying to do. You stand up for everybody but your own people that are left out, feeling isolated. We are not anti-vax, most of us have had all our vaccines except this one.”

Diarmaid Ó Cadhla stepped up to speak, saying: “When the fighting men and women of Limerick took to the field to defend the Irish Republic, it was to defend the principles of liberty, equality, and fraternity. These must be our watchwords still today.

“There are powerful vested interests who are working against us who have already rolled back on our rights and on our liberties. They have divided us, and they continue to do so. We’re in our third year now of this crisis and it is not going away. Now the gov has eased up on many of the restrictions… They want to put us at ease, to think that it’s all over. They want to demobilize the resistance.

“As someone said 100 years or more ago, they think that they have pacified Ireland, they think they have purchased one half of us, and intimidated the other. But they’re fools. Already this crisis has cost us in excess of €60billion, for which the banking monopolies are eternally grateful as they reap profits. The spending is unreal, no budgets seem to be required. There is no talk of who or how the money should be repaid. There is no such thing as a free meal, and now efforts will be made to force us to pay for this spending. How we will pay is unknown.

“We are keeping with our tradition of resisting oppression. Gov has promoted what can only be called a ‘scamdemic’ where our civil rights have been rolled back, and we’ve been subjected to medical experimentation. Our public healthcare system has been devastated. People with clinical illnesses have been left on waiting lists. Mental health care for both children and adults has been grossly neglected. General healthcare has been almost eliminated, even to see your GP.

“Without recounting the long list of what is wrong, let me explain why we are here today. We are here because we need to build a campaign to defend our interests. Disjointed and separate voices are not as powerful. We have been building the independent campaign for truth and proper healthcare in order to do this.

“Today we are focussing on two issues: 1st is the continued masking of children in our school system – that is an absolute scandal for which there was no safety studies or risks assessments made; 2nd is the need to get a NO vote when the emergency powers come up for renewal on the 31st of March. Each of us has a vital role to play, to do everything we can, by lobbying TDs and senators to look for a no vote on these powers.

“The government may have diffused the anger of the people for the moment, by the partial rollback, but it is far from over.

“We have rebel tradition from our old families, and we must continue that tradition. There is an old song that you will know that finishes with:

“But, hark, a voice like thunder spake. The West’s awake, the West’s awake. Sing, Oh, hurrah, let England quake. We’ll watch till death for Erin’s sake.”

Full speech by Diarmaid Ó Cadhla, Limerick February 12, 2022

Peter O Donoghue stepped up to add: “The covid powers are the biggest threat to democracy our country has ever seen. Back in March 2020, we were told they would only be brought in for 2 weeks, and two years later we are still here dealing with these covid emergency powers. It’s very hard to see anything positive about them, and they have damaged our country and people in so many ways.”

Peter went on to give more information about how the country has been damaged. To see the full speeches from Limerick, click here.