Limerick Saturday 12th Feb 2022

Campaign For Truth & Proper Healthcare, Limerick City Protest, combined with widespread Lobby of TDs and MEPs is needed to bring this Abuse of our rights to an end.

“To the media, You keep calling us anti-vaxers, I am not an anti-vaxer, I’ve had all my vaccine shots, I just haven’t had this one. We are for Civil Rights, We are not anti-vax. Please tell the TRUTH, God bless you all”  – Kevin Quinn Terminal Cancer Survivor

Upcoming Regional Events.
#Waterford – February 25th
#Cork – March 5th
#Galway – March 12th

Upcoming National Event.
#Dublin – March 19th

“Today, we are again pawns to International schemes. There may not be cannon battering the walls, bombs dropping on us, or soldiers kicking in our front doors, but we are under attack none the less. Government has promoted what can only be called a “Scamdemic” Out Fundamental Rights have been rolled back, we are subjected to what can only be called “Medical Experimentation”. The public healthcare system has been devastated” – Diarmaid Ó Cadhla

To ensure timely notification on events please send an SMS text message to 51444 with the word TRUTH followed by your First name only and your County.

“We can never accept fascism in this country because our ancestors fought and died so hard against this. We can never let them take what our ancestors fought and died for from us” – Peter Ó Donoghue