Unmask kids now!

Results of our first poll are in showing that a decisive 95% of people support the removal of face masks on kids in cold classrooms.

We asked in our poll:

“Now that hospitality in Ireland is fully open again, do you think that it is fair for our children in schools to sit masked up in cold classrooms?”

The majority of respondents (95%) said No, it is unfair to keep masking our children in cold classrooms. Only 5% said they thought it was fair for children to wear masks when trying to learn.

The result of our poll shows definitively that public opinion firmly supports the removal of masks on children.

A similar recent poll by parent voice charity Parentkind found that nearly two-thirds (64%) of parents of secondary school children are not in favour of masks in the classroom.

Primary pupils from third class up have been forced to wear face masks in Ireland since late November with the promise that they will be removed at the end of February. Whether the government has jabbed enough kids in that time to reach its desired quota will be the decisive factor in whether they will allow our kids to breathe unhindered and return to normal school days. Many have argued that masks are being used as a psychological tool on children to keep them fearful of a pandemic in order to make it seem like they need an injection that offers them no viable benefit.

Secondary school pupils have been forced to wear masks since being allowed back to schools in August 2020. In the UK, secondary school pupils only had to wear masks for brief spells and only in crowded corridors, rarely ever in classrooms when attempting to learn.

The widely-criticised governmental dictate on primary school children saw our biggest turn-out for a protest in Dublin on December 3, 2021, when thousands gathered to stand against the masking of our children.

Our Protect Our Children Event was in partnership with Enough is Enough, and we have been working with many groups since lobbying to bring humanity back to the classroom.


The Campaign for Truth has consistently fought against masking kids, a measure that has been shown to do more harm than good to the psychological and cognitive development of our young children. We continue to campaign against this abuse of governmental power, for the sake of the mental health of our future generations.

Countless studies have come out finding that masks are ineffective in controlling viruses, as well as being hugely disruptive of learning in the classroom. The UK government published in early January a survey from the Department for Education (taken in April 2021) that found that almost all secondary leaders and teachers (94%) thought that wearing face coverings has made communication between teachers and students more difficult, with 59% saying it has made it a lot more difficult.

Face masks on children have caused controversy since they were introduced, especially for the hearing-impaired children and those with special needs who rely on non-verbal cues. Due to extra anxieties placed on children at schools, more parents have taken to homeschooling their children in the last two years.

Now is the time to hold your elected representatives to account and take coverings off children’s faces so they can stand a chance of catching up on what they’ve missed out on over the past two years.

Download a list of TD’s email and postal addresses sorted by constituency here.

Download a template letter here.

Watch 10 year old Maria speak out against wearing masks in schools, at a protest in Limerick on February 5, 2021.

@right_side_of_history 10 year old Maria speaks about masks in schools, Limerick 5 Feb, 2022 #unmaskourkids ♬ original sound – Right_side_of_history