“Just say no, it’s that simple!” – the year of the GREAT RESIST

Cork City Saturday January 15, 2022

Hundreds of concerned citizens gathered in Cork City today in defence of their human rights and freedoms.

Protestors carried banners saying ‘Stop Covid vaccines for children’, ‘Vaccines cause injury and death’ and ‘Unvaxed lives matter’.

The people in the crowd united in saying no to any threat of mandatory vaccines, chanting in unison “we say no”.

The crowd paid its respects to two young women who died this week by joining together in a minute’s silence and sending sympathies to their families. The parade took a detour in respect of the impromptu event outside of Brown Thomas prompted by the heart-breaking and untimely passing of Ashling Murphy in Tullamore.

Speakers called for unity and freedom, in honour of all constitutional human rights. They warned about how technology is being manipulated to control us; how governments are using a health crisis to frighten us into accepting a digital ID. How the vaccination campaign is being run by the revenue office, whereas previous vaccines were administered by health boards.

Local man Peter O Donoghue, said in response to an attack from a mainstream journalist, that hundreds of thousands of people are not being listened to. “As I speak up, a young lady, one of our own, who attended many of these assemblies, and who fought so hard over the last year to regain her rights and freedoms, is being laid to rest. Her funeral is taking place in Bandon right now, this minute in Bandon, her name is Alison Kingston, and she was a beautiful person,” he said.

“A beautiful woman who took her own life. She was a very kind and caring person who helped so many people. I don’t know why she took her own life, but I know she was hurting from not being listened to, for not being respected, from having her freedom to live her own life being taken away from her

“She lost hope and could not see the light anymore.

“She’s not the only person who has lost hope, there are many people who have been in the same situation. Why were these people not listened to? How dare Fiona Ryan {the opportunist who stirred trouble in the divisive piece} say that we don’t listen. It is us here today who have always listened. It’s people like her who have used people’s misfortune for their own agenda. That was a gutter trash article. Ashling Murphy’s family are suffering enough.

“I just want to say a few words about Alison. She was a beautiful caring and kind person. She was very active in trying to fight back against the tyranny we are witnessing at this moment. And a very active therapist in trying to help people in the community. She helped a lot of people in her lifetime.

“I was very blessed in being able to meet Alison over the last year. My fondest memory was meeting her on the bus up to Dublin last year, which she organised. We all had so much fun singing all the way up and down. All of us who knew Alison are very saddened over her death and we will miss her an awful lot. Our heartfelt condolences go out to all her family and friends.

Peter went on to honour Ashling Murphy, who was tragically murdered by a yet unknown killer in broad daylight. “It was a very sad day hearing about Ashling Murphy’s murder in Tullamore, our deepest condolences go out to her family and friends. We want to acknowledge her, and all of those who have died over the last number of months, from all other causes, in a minute’s silence.”

Peter then guided the crowd into a minute’s silence in honour of the 2 young women, Alison and Ashling. The crowd of several hundred all bowed their heads and reflected on unspeakable loss, paying respects also to their own loved ones who passed during these hard times. Some of the audience visibly cried.

Peter finished by saying: “To those of you disillusioned and losing hope, I just want to say, hold on, we can never lose hope, take every day as it comes and look after yourself, and I can guarantee we will come out stronger and we will regain our freedoms.”

Many speakers were unable to make the event because of Alison’s funeral.

Diarmaid O Cadhla stepped up to speak. He sent “greetings to our fellow countrymen and women in Belfast who are assembled at this time of the same issue, and to the people in Portlaoise, Sligo and Waterford, who are also standing in defence of human rights.”

Diarmaid said: “We are seeing the return of fascism… where we are to forget about the universal declaration on human rights, we are to forget the charter of fundamental rights of EU, we are to forget about Bunreacht Na hEireann our own constitution, we are to forget any notion of national sovereignty or the independent development of states, we are to forget about democracy insofar as that is supposed to mean ‘ruled by the people, for the people’, we are to embrace instead the new cancel culture which is to segregate and discriminate, we are to be condemned for mere independent thinking for our ideas, we are to submit both mind and body to the ownership of our masters, those nameless powers that be who manipulate state policy to serve their own interests.”

Diarmaid called for the end of the unjustified state of emergency: “In March we need to ensure that the emergency powers are voted down and not extended, and the nightmare be ended.” He spoke of how “politically-appointed Judges are breaking the law everywhere trying to force us into yielding our rights. Corruption is widespread in our justice system. Intimidation continues.”

Diarmaid spoke about how he was yesterday presented with 2 summonses for organising 2 peaceful protests last year and proceeded to rip them up in front of the crowd whilst giving his speech. He continued: “They have charged me with the most heinous crime, and that is organising peaceful rallies last year. I now have 5 similar ones waiting in the court queue. Over 25,000 people are facing prosecutions and fines for living their lives. I encourage everyone to refuse to pay fines. If people are charged with anything, they are entitled to see all the evidence against them. Let’s fight every issue fully. I will go to jail before I pay any of these fines. And I will not go quietly.

“My message is we will win. This campaign will grow because we are freedom-loving people and we have not yielded for 800 years. We are not going to yield now. I have beautiful grandchildren and I am here for them, and they can be proud that their grandad stood up for their rights and their futures.

“Our state has a shameful record in the abuse of children, which is continuing on a mass scale today. May God forgive them because I will never forgive them. We need to see justice and the people called to account for their lies, deceptions and bullying, and for the many many lives needlessly lost in the course of this crisis. We are angry, understandably, but we are directing it into positive energy for this campaign, and we need you to join us to help build this campaign adhering to the principles of human rights and freedom and body integrity.

“We stand for truth and civil rights. We need to look into ourselves and see where our talent lies, to establish weekly activities to defend human rights, in whatever way you can do it. Connect with the campaign and join in and be a part of it. It’s for the people.”

Peter O Donoghue returned to the make-shift stage and gave an impassioned speech:

“2021 will go down as the year in the history books as one of the most oppressive years for freedom and democracy.

“2021 will be forever remembered as the year when Ireland locked down for the most days in the world, with hugely damaging consequences for the citizens and businesses of Ireland.

“2021 will be known as the year when the government put us over 1/4 of a trillion euros in debt, saddling our children and grandchildren with debt that they will never be able to pay off.

“2021 will be known as the year when inflation rose to its highest level in over 20 years. A huge increase that is forecast to last many years, as a direct result of the covid policies of the government and EU, putting the final nail in the coffin preventing many young people from ever being able to afford to own their own home.

“The worst of all, 2021 was the year when apartheid, discrimination and segregation were introduced back into Irish society – the first time since the penal times that this happened.

“2021 was a very bad year for Irish society. But the new year now brings a new choice, as individuals and a nation. Do we say no, we’re not going to take this anymore, do we say ‘enough is enough’, do we demand our lives back, our freedoms back, do we demand an end to all this madness? The choice is ours. We have to act now.

“The vaccine passport not only denies the rights and freedoms of the unvaccinated, but it also takes away the rights and freedoms of the vaccinated. This discriminatory passport system must be eradicated immediately. The mainstream media has generally ignored this vaccine passport over the past few months.

“The media and government are trying to normalize the issue that people don’t even question, but there is nothing normal about a system that takes away your freedom and autonomy over your own body. If you don’t have that, then what freedom do you have? The answer is that you have none. This is why we should stand up, otherwise, the government will make it permanent, and it will be used as total control, with our children and grandchildren suffering the most.

“I can see that more people are seeing the bigger picture now and are no longer complying. Have faith in the people around you.

“This will not be the year of the great reset, but instead it will be the year of the GREAT RESIST. In years to come, you will look back on this year and be proud of yourselves and how you fought for your freedom.”

“Just say no, it’s that simple!”

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